If you’re attracted to the strange, then you must watch “The Strangest Eyes.” The music video for this song, by Wasted Wine, feels like a bastard child of David Lynch and Nick Cave. There’s humor, but damn it’s dark.
— All Songs Considered: "Strangest of Eyes" Review – NPR by BOB BOILEN
Wasted Wine hails from South Carolina, but upon hearing the band’s darkly romantic music, one is transported not to the American South but rather to an imaginary Eastern European cabaret where wine is aplenty—far from wasted. Evoking the macabre hues of Matt Elliott and the Black Heart Procession, Wasted Wine’s minor key-centric songwriting is lush and enveloping, with the ability to fog one’s mind in shadows.
— Wasted Wine - "Fall Upon Me" (video) (Premiere) – Pop Matters
Imagine that someone built a creepy old-school funhouse, then placed it in the bowels of a 19th-century ship crewed by travelling gypsy musicians in the middle of a massive storm.

That’s more or less what Wasted Wine sounds like. Alternately frenzied and beguiling, melodic and dissonant, and about as far from the average rock band as you can get.
— Sound Check: Notes on the music scene with Vincent Harris - Greenville Journal
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